Looking back at 2016

2016 was a crazy fun year...Grammy Camp in LA, The JAM Advanced Camp in Nashville, Guitar Sessions at Berklee in Boston, performing with The Glass Hammers, The Dukes & Smith Band, and my new band Irrashional, providing music for our Theatre team's play and winning the opportunity to compete in nationals in March 2017, opening for Resurrection - A Journey Tribute at 3rd & Lindsley in downtown Nashville, getting to see Satriani, Vai, Vince Gill, Chon, road-tripping to Indianapolis to see Toto/Lukather, and seeing John Petrucci with Dream Theater. Did I say crazy fun?

Not sure how 2017 will stack up against that, but dates are starting to get booked through September already and we're looking at options for the summer. I just wrapped up performing as 2nd chair snare drummer for our All-District band (yes, snare drum) which makes me eligible to audition for All State. Looking forward to competing at national play competition with our Theatre team in Lexington, KY in March and looking forward to performing with The Dukes & Smith Band and hopefully lots of gigs with my new band, Irrashional. Check out Irrashional at http://www.irrashionalband.com.

Here's wishing everyone a great 2017!