Music, Music, Music

So much music and fun over the past year! Played nearly 60 shows in 2017 between Irrashional, The Dukes & Smith Band, and other projects/fill-in situations. Having so much fun with Irrashional as we add new venues and the number of people coming out to support us the originals are starting to take shape as we now have three that we are performing regularly.

2018 has started off with a bang as I was able to travel out to LA to attend NAMM. Saw more than 40 people I recognized ranging from celebrities to up-and-coming artists I follow on YouTube/social media to people I have worked with in LA, Boston, and Charlotte. And the gear was amazing...walked over 18 miles in the three days we were there. Also toured the USC campus.

Spring Break 2018 was incredible. Started out performing with Irrashional at a cool venue on Lake Norman named Apps & Taps...and then on to Nashville! We were fortunate to have the opportunity to open for Resurrection - A Journey Tribute (RAJT) at 3rd & Lindsley in downtown Nashville for a sold-out crowd of more than 500 people, and I was able to sit in on a couple of Journey songs. It was an amazing night including hanging out with RAJT at Waffle House after the show. Toured a few colleges while in Nashville - the search continues.

Going to be a fun year with lots more music. Stay tuned!